Whether inspired by a caring teacher or coach, inspiring an audience through the arts, or finding inspiration in a classmate’s simple act of kindness, children here discover their spark—an excitement that comes from experiencing the world with curiosity, compassion, and courage. More →

Unite in Spirit

A current runs through Shore, a shared bond connecting all students with each other—no matter their age—just as much as with faculty, staff, and families. What joins us is the thrill of our frequent celebrations, our all-school concerts and exhibitions, our Friday morning House meetings, and our surprise performances, special events, and spontaneous hallway hugs and high-fives. More →

Engage with Mentors

Shore faculty members are recognized by parents again and again, year after year, for their extraordinary ability to connect with children, to draw out hidden passions and aptitudes, and to find countless ways to engage each individual child in adventurous education. More →

Empower the Learners

In Shore’s classrooms, students of every age are at the center of their own learning, entrusted with responsibility for asking and answering their own questions with the enthusiastic support of faculty and peers. More →

Care for Community

At every stage, the Shore education emphasizes emotional growth and social responsibility alongside academic achievement, and the Community Code exemplifies our deeply felt dedication to the well-being of a whole child connected to a whole community. More →

Invent from Within

Through studio arts, music, drama, design, and engineering, Shore’s program inspires children to seek vital connections between the academic and the creative, preparing them to thrive in a rapidly changing world that values flexible, agile thinking which eagerly crosses old boundaries. More →

Play to Be Well

Recess, team sports, and physical education are central elements of the Shore experience, nourishing physical and emotional health and honoring children’s natural need to experience the world through movement, play, and simple joy. More →

Venture Outside Comfort Zones

Whether through an independent study in photography, a winter expedition in Vermont, or a solo performance in front of the entire school, Shore asks all students to embrace opportunities to try, to risk, and potentially to fail, secure in the knowledge that they will be supported by our whole community on their path to discovery. More →

Live for the Moment

At Shore, we make moments to be together throughout our year. Big and small, these special spaces within our days are the heartbeats that let us know we’re all one school, alive for each other. More →
Shore Country Day School is a Pre-K through Grade 9 coeducational day school located in Beverly, MA. With its emphasis on conceptual, integrated, and creative learning, Shore offers a challenging and stimulating experience for all our students. We recognize the various developmental stages of children as they grow - from Pre-K and the elementary grades to middle and high school - and working in partnership with our families, Shore encourages academic, personal, creative, and physical development consistent with each child's potential. Shore Country Day School's mission is to provide an education that inspires a love of learning and encourages children to embrace academic challenge. We seek to build character, cultivate creativity, and value diversity as we help our children become healthy, compassionate citizens of the world.